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lector | 02:49 Wed 18th Oct 2006 | Site Suggestions
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The genuine comment from many of the stalwarts of Quizzes and Puzzles clearly demonstrates that the changes to Q&P are not liked by an important element that makes this section work. Although, I cannot say that a majority do not like it, I can state that there is no visible real support being voiced for the new sub-categories on this Topic? zles/Question308323.html Question308088.html Question308293.html

I am also surprised by the choice of words written in AB Editor's Blog -

�Our editorial team have been working hard on what we think are great improvements to the AnswerBank�.

Please take heed of your AB Members active in Q&P who are reasonably commenting that they disagree.

As an example, a cryptic Crossword will include some anagrams amongst the clues. But, it is still one puzzle and therefore, nonsensical to have questions and answers over two sub-sections for the same crossword puzzle?

My suggestion is that the editorial team think again, and also find a way to better consult with members.

I am not seeking that this thread be developed further ... what I have written is serious comment, and not personal criticism.

I hope that a real answer will be forthcoming.


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Quizzes an Puzzles - Suggestion .... Please re-think ....

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