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brachiopod | 23:24 Tue 17th Oct 2006 | Site Suggestions
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I would put this in 'Gaming', (but no b�gger looks in there).

OK, the person who is 'it' counts to a hundred. Meanwhile, everyone else runs off and posts either a question or reply somewhere in AnswerBank saying "You've found me <name of person searching>".

The person who is 'it' then has to trawl through all of the 96 categories and sub-categories until whichever of the following 'end game' scenarios occurs first;

- all the 'hiders' are found,
- the sun starts helium fusion, turns into a red giant and incinerates the Earth
- the categories on AnswerBank are put back to how they were.

Four (yes, four!) bonus stars will be awarded to those who remain unfound when Hell freezes over, or, (if sooner), when the UK disappears beneath the sea due to rising sea levels.

Any threads about, a-hem,women's problems in Body & Soul are strictly out of bounds.
Similarly, disguising yourself as a 'Marlboro Quiz' question in Quizzes & Puzzles is against the Rules.

Right then, who's going first?


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i am up for it!! 4 stars sounds good to me!!!!
I have to say that i am exhausted on here today, i went out for about 3 hours and wasn;'t on here but it is so confusing, still, i am already thinking that it is like the maze at hampton court palace and you just need a plan.

anyone got one?
yeh..i have one!!

lets demand it gets put back to how it was and get back to the once great d=site it was when i joined!!
i did have a plan though, we could all set off with a piece if string fastened to suggestions, and then if anyone wants one, they just tug on the string and we know they are looking for us.
im going straight off to hide in the environment section. "what environment section" i hear you all cry. nobody will ever go in there.
and yes, bizarrely enough, everyone in there is green!!
There's an enviroment section? Where's that then?!

Anyway.... who's it then? Can this game be played during the day or is it a strictly night time affair?

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