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Gef | 19:06 Tue 19th Sep 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Would it not be better to have 'football' as a main topic just after 'food and drink' and then either 'other sports' as a sub topic or as a separate topic just after 'news'? I'm not saying that football is more important (I love other sports as well) but, like many others, get fed up with folk posting footie questions in the sports topic.

I know that robbo has suggested something like this before.


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Good morning Mrs AB Ed, please consider doing this??? Frankly, football gets more posts per day than the rest of the sports section. The whole idea was to free up the Sports section for other posts, but in reality, this just isn't happening, as newbies and infrequent posters (and even some regulars lol) are posting in the wrong section......
It was kind of amusing at first (apologies Loosehead) but now, at any time, pretty much 2/3 of the threads visable on the sports page are about footie.
Do you want us to start an online petition? OK, so you already have Robbo, Gef, myself and of course the lovely egg chaser that is Loosehead.....will see if we can drum up more support.......

Come on Mrs Ed, you know it makes sense!!
"'Football us not just a matter of life and death, it is more important than that"' Bill Shankly
Having Football after Food & Drink is a great idea, the football 'sub heading' does seem to get missed
I hope you appreciate this - my autograph will be worth something one day.
U Bob
Whatever they said..... I agree....

Football to have it's own section please!

I agree it should have it's own section. None of the subheads to the menu seem to get used properly. One of the problems is that it is not obvious that there are subheads. If there was a little down arrow after the word Sport? or the other sections with subheads, that might help.

If it is a matter of keeping the list to a managable length, then maybe some sections could be merged. What is Body and Soul all about?
i disagree kicky.
football is more important than any other sport!!!
when you click on sport the is now way you would know there was a footy subsection. you have to scroll down the screen to see it, so either a section of its own or the arrow idea both seem like a good plan to me.
come on toon, save me from a -90 week on IDKNTS!! lol
Stevie, what have put down for tonights prediction then?
I put 2-0 to Liverpool, i also put 2-0 to West ham for Sundays game, so lets hope for being completely wrong again!

As for Football having its own category, i agree that it would be good. Can we have a little Black and White striped icon beside it as well please??
I've got 2-1 to lfc for tonight, so here's hoping!

Stevie - lmao, actually the best idea would be to make Football the main heading (as it's far more frequently used) and make Other Sports the sub category....hmmmm wonder how that would go down with the non footi peeps? ;op
To be honest I don't think it will make any difference. You will still get loads of footy questions in Sports.
och, aren't you a wee portent of doom today WoWo?? ;op it might work, esp if they made Footie the main category, and sub Other (lesser) sports from it :o)
i've got the result as a 1-0 win to liverpool i think. hope im as wrong as all my other predictions.
if the players perform i could find myself topp 5 in the FF aswell!!!
Parker Emre and Gerrard for you i see Stevie, i only have Parker. I won't you overtaken me tonight if it means Emre and Parker both score!

Kick will need Finnan to score about 12 tonight to catch us up ;o)
"och, aren't you a wee portent of doom today WoWo??"

Indeed :) I'd be happy to put my (considerable) weight behind any attempt to move to a new section.

I wholeheartedly (is that a word?) agree. Separate section for footy just no barcode next to it, maybe a nice claret and blue logo?
i need liverpool to beat the dirty mags 2-1 tonight or my first week in ikts will be in the minuses. FTM

good idea to free up the sports section and give us anglers enough room to cast a rod
surely the soccer section will come after shopping
WoWo..should I have said "big" portent of doom then lol ;op x

dilf - "soccer" - wtf??? That aside, you OK sweetie??

Milo - Finnan is getting his scrawny, defenceless (is that a word) a$$ dropped next week, as he's been gash, to say the least ;o)
I think we should have the following menu sections:

Association football

and then have a sub section

Not Footie
PMSL Gromit....I LOVE the idea of a "Footie" main heading, then a sub section "Not Footie". Oh, that's just a brilliant idea :o))))
It seems my name has already been added to the list by proxy, but I'll officially add it here.

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