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robbo82 | 17:11 Tue 19th Sep 2006 | Site Suggestions
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May I suggest there should be a way to change the category a question you've asked is in. It can happen quite easily that you're in one section and accidentally post a question in there meant for another section (eg football and sport). I know you can report it, but that requires three people to do so in order to take any effect. It would be much easier if you could just click on it yourself and it would move to the appropraiate category.


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yeah yeah, backtracking now and trying to make it a big deal eh? Surely this is only a problem which affects very, very few (did someone say daft?) people?

<kick runs to hide behind large section titled "Sport">
Question Author
First all the Geordies, now me, you're having to go into hiding from a lot of people today, aren't you Kick?
"all the geordies" makes them sound potentially quite fearsome, but then you think Stevie, Milo, Cobra.....and it all becomes a lot less scary :o) Tho Milo got his own back on the Brothers thread lol

Yeah, feeling bold today....hope it doesn't last, or I'll get myself into proper trouble.
You can email the Ed on the Contact Us page and attach a link to the Q you wish to be moved. The Ed is (usually) pretty quick with such requests.
Toon Mafia is on its way.....beware and be affraid....very affraid
naughty naughty kick. where have you been having a go at the geordies?
ahhhhh, the barcodes are coming to get me! I'll be having skunk nightmares ;op

Stevie, the Shay Given thread my dear :o)
dont worry kick the cavalry has arrived and roy keane is riding shotgun

shoo mags- now run along and get your dad so i can shoo him aswell

[sweeps her from the ground , plonks her behind his saddle and canters up the hill to the log cabin where a bottle of blue nun awaits]

john wayne or what
<swoon> "My hero!" ;op

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Changing categories

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