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squidgy plum | 21:38 Wed 30th Aug 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Could you please make a section on books to ask questions??

Thank you!


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There is, 'tis over there <<<<
It's Arts & Literature.
Question Author
Ive just notied that one!! Just put a question in there!! Sorry bout that!
right, B00 has sorted this one in 2 minutes, I'll enter this for the Quickest AB Solution of the Year contest.
Fondant Fancies will be greatly recieved in way of a prize, ta very muchly!!!
Sorry to disagree jno but surely Literature covers all written work and not only books? Football is a sport but it has its own section. squidgy asked for a section on books so I think yir nomination will fail on a technicality and B00 will have had her hopes raised only to be disappointed, as the Fondant Fancies are dashed on the Rocks of Pedantry.
corbyloon, you are a harsh harsh man!!! lol

Give me a taste of victory then whip it away from me?

not nice

Excuse me but the awarding of Fondant Fancies is subject to the most stringent scrutiny (second only to that of the Chocolate Cake (Triple Layered.)) To allow this nomination would open the whole process to ridicule.

Oh just give me the fancies, before I throw a tantrum of epic proportions.........

hehehe ;-)
It should be pointed out that B00's little arrows pointed specifically to the Books subsection of A&L. She very carefully did not indicate the Heat Magazine, Religious Tract or Grand Guignol Theatrics subsections. But I realise that those who haven't subscribed to the AB-Plus level of membership can't see most of these things anyway, as they don't work without the platinum card.
You'll be getting the Coffee Creme (With Teeth Marks) at this rate...
oh you're a true pal jno......i'll save you a yellow Fondant Fancy should I win the prize.

and in my defence, just to clarify, I wasn't to know if plum 'ere was a subsriber to AB+ or not was I TCL eh?
I do think a more intense book section would be interesting and useful.

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