Help! Topics getting pushed off the bottom of the screen.

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gen2 | 15:20 Tue 15th Aug 2006 | Site Suggestions
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For ages there has been a request in Q & P that says:
When posting a question try to put all your clues in a single post.
One of the reasons being that too many new posts push the older ones off the bottom before they have had a chance to be answered.

Now for the analogy:
This plethora of new categories in the topics list is pushing the more serious ones off the bottom so that I now have to scroll to reach Q & P or Science. Did AB do a risk assessment before creating these new categories? How many more index fingers will suffer RSI as a result of having to scroll?

So here are my suggestions:
Either combine some subjects into a single topic just as football is a sub-category under sport;
Or, while you are still in the mood for re-naming, rename the new categories to start with letters after S.

Maybe you could have a competition for the new names?


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Hear Hear ..and while we are the subject can we have either a separate or a sub heading for this Marlboro Contest please.
Also forward planning for the new Lemony Snicket book,which is coming out in October. A Series of Unfortunate Events drove us all to distraction last time round.I contracted Lemonyitis and lost count of the number of times I and others directed them to Wikipedia.
Or, I've often thought it was sometimes a case of they thought they only needed help on one question.....then later spoted another, then another......

A simple "EDIT" fuction on your own posts would resolve that though.
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I told gen2 the keyhole monitor was a big mistake..........
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Question Author
Hi All,
No B00, I am not squinting through a keyhole!
and In A Pickle, I am definitely seeing more than 2 words at a time. I know that because I learnt to count in order to pass my 11+.

Have any of you ever tried altering the text size in AnswerBank? It doesn't work (at least, not in MX and IE). I only get to see as far down the list as 'Phrases and Sayings', and If I alter the screen resolution, the text becomes too small to read. (Yes it's probably old age creeping up on me).

Thanks for your contributions folks.
Hi gen2

Thank you for the suggestion. It was not our intention to add to the risk of contracting RSI! On implementing a subcategory structure we are also reviewing the current topics to see if they should be amended to logically fit. We do not want to change the AB so dramatically or continue to add categories until they require the support of a Liberty Belt.

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Help! Topics getting pushed off the bottom of the screen.

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