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gen2 | 00:24 Thu 29th Jun 2006 | Site Suggestions
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May I suggest that the techie boys (and girls) look at their error trapping code. In this thread below I may have inadvertently failed to close the bold tag in my question. All responses were locked into bold and no matter how many close tags were inserted into subsequent responses, they had no effect.

jno though, reported that it may depend upon the browser as it was showing up as bold at home but plain text at work.. It is as a result of jno's reply that I am placing this suggestion. Just by way of a test, I am going to end this post with two unclosed bold tags to see if it happens again. gen2


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Well, Does this appear in bold?
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The monks will have their work cut out for the next week writing code to trap unclosed tags in posted questions.
yup, it's bold for me (on my home computer) - and this answer is not bold in the preview pane but probably will be once I've posted it.
its just fine in the firefox browser - so let the monks sleep in and everyone change browser instead!
Very strange gen2 !
I am on a home Firebox it is normal and when I switch browsers to IE it's all in bold.
Also I was under the impression that I couldn't do bold and tags in Firefox..but I can !
and just to confirm I'm now at work and it's not in bold any more. Using IE on both computers. Whaddya think, AB Ed?
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Just in case anyone is wondering what the fuss is about, The AB Ed has edited both my posts so they are no longer stuck on bold. Everyone is now seeing plain text whatever browser they are using.

Not sure if they have found a cure or just a fix. Time will tell.

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