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gen2 | 15:33 Sun 25th Jun 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Is anyone else having problems placing active links in their posts? To be sure I was using the new anchor tags correctly, I copied and pasted the structure directly from the FAQ page. I replaced the address with the full URL and replaced the other text with my own. But sad to say :-( it didn't work. The URL was taken as a relative address instead of an absolute address and was added to the front of the URL causing the link to fail - just as it did for many people under the old system.

Well folks, anyone know what I am doing wrong?
PS, I have e-mailed AB about this.


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sorry i don't even know what u mean so just confusing myself.
Question Author
Oh! What has happened there? I understood that the only way to post links now was to use the anchor tags like this:
my label which is pasted directly from the FAQs. I See that once again it is being interpreted as a relative link.
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. . . and all we seem to be locked on BOLD now !
You can use relative or absolute URLs, I think...
like ../Music/
opens music cat. in new window
I am not typing in bold, what u done there, you braked it lol
what are relative or absolute urls, i just cut and paste a link and it works
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I must have missed out the close tag That should be better now.
Yep, that works, as well as abs..
open this again

I think there's a glitch in the FAQ - don't copy it directly
try typing in <z target='_blank' href="">bbc food</z> , replacing the 'z' with 'a'.
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Thanks alfiebrady, I was not trying to post a relative link, I was complaining that an absolute link was being treated as a relative link when I followed the instructions to the letter as given by our dear ABED in the FAQs
What character are you using for quotes?
is this an adult conversation? because i don't understand a thing you all talking about. lol:-)

then again, what do i know about computers and how they work. i'm so far behind. simple words can have such difficult meanings sometimes.
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OK then alfiebrady, so lets try it
bbc food

or does it have to have the http: and the www. as well?

bbc" target="_blank">">bbc food

I am using the double quote (shift -2) round the url and the single quote (as you have used) round the _blank.

This really is strange. The first link is just as you suggested (wth the Z replaced with an A) and the second link is the first one copied and pasted and then with the http://www. added in. Neither links to the bbc as expected :-(

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I think the techie boys (aka monks) still have a few bugs to iron out. Thanks for your help alfiebrady.
i'm still trying to figure out what you all talking about.

what is and absolute link? what does it mean?

what is a relative link? what does it mean?
yes, sorry - mistake in the second example, the url needs to be prefixed with http:// - <z target='_blank' href="">bbc food</z>

and don't type in the target.. bit: the site automatically puts that in for you.

lia* - relative just means you can reference another page within this (AB) site without having to type in the whole URL
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Hi lia*
I shall clarify it for you. I have been trying to post a link in an answer using the new instructions given in this site's FAQs.

A relative link is a link to a webpage on the same website. The computer automatically adds the website's address to the beginning of the link.

An absolute link is a link to a website somewhere else on the web.

My problem is that the Answer Bank software insists on adding its own website address to the beginning of every link I post. This gives the 'page not found' error - not surprising as the bbc webpages aren't on TheAnswerBank.

I hope this makes it clearer.
Question Author
One last try then alfiebrady

bbc food

but it now looks EXACTLY like the FAQ example, but this time it works!

What is the difference?

wow gen2! that was a great explaination
thanks for explaining that, i finally understood what you are talking about. i will add that to my notes, i'm always making notes because i so want to learn the computer world and language. the folks here on AB are so kind, i always bug them about the computer and they never fail to reply.

thanks again for clarifying that.

i still dont understand - if you put a link in it still works dosent it
ok, so it appears it dosent!

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