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10ClarionSt | 21:54 Mon 05th Jun 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Dear Ab Ed. Why do you continually allow certain users of AB to get away with ageist comments and insults?

Amongst these lately,. have been things like 'old people shouldn't be allowed in supermarkets', 'old people shouldn't be allowed to drive', 'have you taken your Complan yet?', 'I bet you smell of wee' etc.

You wouldn't allow any user to make comments about race or skin colour because you would say that was racism.

So why do you allow ageism?

I have no intention of registering a complaint against any individual, as I think it's about time you put this in terms of use, then it would cover everyone.

Your thoughts, Ed?


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I just took part in a thread about hoodies and yobs 10CSt, I was particularly nasty about 12 - 15 year olds, i know it is not the exact same thing, but I was generalising, and not adding a sense of humour to my post either.
-- answer removed --
But I really despise them 10CST, I really really do, they are sad losers who have sad losers for parents. I don't like people who have retired talking to me like I am a 12 year old either, but they see the blonde hair and just go for the throat sometimes.
well as you insist on me being dot and not from Ireland clarion you have to expect a little bit thrown back at you from time to time
he said I was you? or You were me?
yes dorothy according to him i am everyone from attila the hun to the archangel Gabriel, and that is one hell of a fake irish accent i put on isnt it :)
It is lovely Roberto.: ) Are you saying I am Atila the Hun?
reminds me i have a book about him that i have yet to read :)
You know too much about battle tactics as it is!
one of the great tacticians old attila dorothy bettered only by one of my heroes Genghis khan )

You did it again, you called me old atilla dorothy!


: (

Unfortunately, we have not yet figured out how to transport ourselves to people's homes or places of work to keep them from writing rubbish.

I have not reviewed any post recently that pokes fun at old people - I suggest you report them so they come to our attention, otherwise, they will remain on the site.

And of course we do not condone ageist comments - we are the home of the BiddyBankers after all! Though I've heard rumours they are all actually 18 with a strange penchant for vintage lingerie.

18! I wish................ Don't worry Ed. Us BiddieBankers don't get upset by ageist comments. When you get to our great age you can take everything in your stride and have a laugh. The only problem we have is having to put up with the old codger Vinny!!
And he's now given up his long john Y fronts for a G string!!!!!
the first paragraph of the ed's reply above could form the basis of a really good suggestion. We should have a catagory for reporting rubbish, mind u i would be no judge lol

Robinia likes um...(:-)


See what we have to put up with!!!!?

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