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10ClarionSt | 21:54 Mon 05th Jun 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Dear Ab Ed. Why do you continually allow certain users of AB to get away with ageist comments and insults?

Amongst these lately,. have been things like 'old people shouldn't be allowed in supermarkets', 'old people shouldn't be allowed to drive', 'have you taken your Complan yet?', 'I bet you smell of wee' etc.

You wouldn't allow any user to make comments about race or skin colour because you would say that was racism.

So why do you allow ageism?

I have no intention of registering a complaint against any individual, as I think it's about time you put this in terms of use, then it would cover everyone.

Your thoughts, Ed?


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lol Smudge. I am totally losing the plot. I keep posting things with half the words missing. My brain races ahead of my typing!!! At least my brain is working - makes a change!!

I'll ask the Ed. to transfer my ramblings to the BiddieBank thread if she can find the latest one!

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clarion jokes about old people are common place and you are right its a cheap shot but as i keep going on and on about its only pixels little dots, im not racist thats why i dont post racist comments, and you are right when you say its water off a turkeys back i dont give a toss what im called or all the rest of it its a bloody computer, oh and i am from ni born and bred why is that so hard for you to understand or accept? what so special about ni that i would feel need to make that up?
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Neti totters through, smelling of wee and looking for loose change in her purse...........................
Morning Neti - Well I've just hung my pink, wee stained gusseted bloomers on the line - hope the naighbours don't notice! ;o}
* neighbours - it's me age!!!!

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