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gessoo | 19:46 Tue 30th May 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Why do the questions omit any punctuation put in by the questionner, even though it shows up when you open up the question. I noticed it the other day when I raised a question myself and on the following link it made the question entitled 'very cross' seem ridiculous.

A boy of 34 years old crossing the road all by himself, eh! Tut tut. ;o)


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that was making me smile too - until i opened the question proper, poor old miss_me (our local AB heroine)

Lol, yeah I saw the 34 bit as well and thought "eh?"

Mind you I think "eh?" over alot of questions here so didn't ponder it............

I've always wondered this too gessoo!

It looks rather silly when someone posts that they are a size 12/14 & it appears as 1214!!!

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