rethink of report function?

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undercovers | 08:02 Mon 24th Apr 2006 | Site Suggestions
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i think this function may now be being abused in order to remove posts at times when the site is unmoderated, the system is open to abuse in its present format (multiple usernames thus multiple report options) but i am unable to suggest an alternative (apart from removal of ability to remove a post after several reports but that would negate the point of having the system i guess)- sorry


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All my answers from yesterday have gone and my Qs and Ive been banned under my correct AB identity of Zeus......

The wrath of the gods is the fate of the naughty individual who did this...clearly someone setting upmultiply identities to report Qs & As and peops
I suppose AB Ed can see who's doing the reporting? If so, action can be taken against malignant reporters. But I wouldn't like to lose the ability to report some of the occasional really unpleasant posts that turn up here.
I hope no one has decided to report maliciously, but I admit to reporting racist comments and swearing in the past. I want my daughters aged 7 and 9 to be able to use this site without me patrolling over their shoulders every five minutes.
I do wish there was some way to prevent people with multiple user names abusing the site, but I'll have to live in hope on that one.
I do the same Drusilla and for the same reasons. I believe the reporting function was introduced at the request of AB users; it's there to be used.
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i agree with you both the report function is a useful tool when used correctly but once it is abused it begins to make a mockery of the principle of AB as posts are pulled by those seeking to annoy the other uses and acceptable / sensible questions and answers that people have spent time writing are removed.

Whilst i write this i also notice that the first post left has already been banned for some reason - this was left by Zeus / SexyGeordie who was apparently maliciously banned lastnight. It is indeed a shame that those with multiple user names can abuse the site in such a way but i believe handing the power to edit the AB content to the nefarious few with multiple usernames isn�t going to work in the long run� again I don�t have a suggestion how to overcome this problem but wondered if the electronic AB monks might be able to devise some system of logging the report through IP address maybe (and that is the extent of my technical interweb knowledge!!!)

i have been banned 3 times for no reason whatsoever...i had a thread going on sat and only my replied were deleated, then i was banned, so i logged in with a different username, same thing happened again, and then again yesterday...weird thing was it was whenever i posted a reply to zeus/sexygeordie my messages were deleated....its obviously being done by some sad individual who hasnt anything better to do with their time

Indeed, the reporting function is a necessary evil - but as it is, is open to abuse. We tend to remove those who abuse the site in this manner where we can. What else can I say besides, yes we know its a problem and yes we hope to address it at some point?

And sasha - you were not banned. You were temporarily suspended along with alot of other users who were reported by other users. You should be able to use that other alias. groan.

I don't think people should be allowed to have multiple user names- i don't see the point- , some users are harmless but many turn out to be imposters.

If people want to change to a new user name, their old identity should be eliminated in the process.
...all this tracked through IP addresses, of course.

What's the diference between "Reported", "Banned" and "Temporarily Suspended"?

After a weekend, I can never sign in, as I get a message to say my I.D. is not valid.

Why does this occur? What has happened as I am unable to sign in every Monday?

I don't think I've been offensive or abusive either, but it happens to me all the time.

Why can't folk leave me alone?

Homer are you sure you don't have some technical problem? You shouldn't be being banned every week, unless you've attracted the attention of some complete idiot (though there do seem to be some about) who's reporting your posts for fun. Your posts do seem inoffensive - in fact you should get a medal for your care and attention to faithful old jokes. Have you tried emailing the techies?

Reported means other AB users have reported your post. This may get it temporarily suspended - taken off screen until the Ed has had a look at it. Banned means forever, like diamonds.

jno....ALL diamonds arnt banned...just "Conflict" diamonds

no no Zeus my literary allusion was to the James Bond book Diamonds are Forever... but sadly Homer is not forever, his latest post, which I was answering, has vanished too... I do wonder what he's doing wrong that the robots fling him out so regularly.

i know what u meant....i was just making a joke...sorry

apols Zeus - I thought you mightn't be acquainted with the classics of English fiction...

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rethink of report function?

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