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nothingnet | 09:45 Fri 07th Apr 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Hello, you may have noticed a user called Mikeydred posting links to his website in the Adverts topic. He rarely answers questions, just posts a link to "song of the salesman" after nearly every post. I have reported some of his posts over the last few weeks but they have continued. A shame as it is spoiling an excellent site.


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I asked him if he was on comission one time as a joke, but it turns out he owns/runs the site or something. I also told him about an error one time in on eof the songs, but I never heard back from him. lol
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It's fine when he is answering the questions, but most of the time he doesn't, or the question has already been answered, so it's just a plug for his site.

Extremely sorry about causing offence by my posts.

YES they are a plug for my site and

YES I make commision if people buy stuff

sorry for not getting back to CT about the song errors:

However I only post when there is no link to a sample / download mentioned ,and the 100 or so hits per day I get from the Answerbank would imply that members find my postings useful.

I only found this post by chance so no one has directly contacted me about it. However I'll desist form further postings (though I'll post one more in the ads section)

and maybe members should try this instead

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Like I said, I think it's fine to post a link when you're answering the question, you're just crediting the source, as the handful of links citing have done. However, posting links after someone else has already answered the question is just advertising your site and should probably be avoided.
Cheers for the update mikeydred.

Point taken , I think people knwo where to find my site anyway. In future I'll post a link IF I post the answer first.

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Sounds good.

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Annoying advertising posts

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