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gen2 | 01:16 Sun 19th Mar 2006 | Site Suggestions
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It is not surprising that I am having trouble answering questions when AB insists on working in the future. Two weeks ago (here on 4/3/06) I drew attention to the fact that AB was (and still is) working 7 minutes ahead of everyone else. Why is this still the case? Does the AB Editor not read the suggestions? Are the monks incapable of setting their own watches, or do they need permission from a higher authority? I had wondered if they were relying on their old sundial in the herb garden, but I have checked the 'equation of time' and if that were the case, the the AnswerBank would be 9 minutes slow.

So, here is my suggestion: Is it possible that the Prior could give permission for the monks to reset their timepieces to GMT (aka Universal Time (UT) or Zulu)?

Come on AB. Nudge that gnomon and harmonise the world.


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"Nudge that gnomon?" We'll have none of that smut on here! This is a family site I'll have you know........

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Future Imperfect

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