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gen2 | 18:32 Sat 04th Mar 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Has time slowed down here in Scotland, or is Answerbank working 7 minutes in the future?

My posts today (Saturday) are being timed roughly 7 minutes ahead of my computer's clock. I have checked that against the time on the TV Teletext and that agrees.

Could it be one of the improvements installed with the technical update on Friday morning?


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(Elvis sings) we can't go on together with suspicious minds......lmao

I've noticed exactly the same thing! Wonder why it is fast. My time now says 21.10

just checking - 22.43 on clock at bottom of screen.
well noticed gen - 22.44
I want a go now, 12.25
Me Too

closing in on you vida, you're only 3 minutes out; you must be only halfway to Scotland.


i;m having a go
yeah still 7 mins
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
don't worry, its just the flux capacitor...

OK joko - what's a flux capacitor?


thingy found in Back to the Future movies as I recall gessoo


Thanks jno. I should have known that - I was forced into watching the films more times than I care to remember when my son was small!!!


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