I want to buy as a new site on AB

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sandbach99 | 22:44 Thu 09th Feb 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Yesterday Lounge lizard posted in home & garden that she wanted and could not find a coloured bathroom suite, I replied that I have been looking for the same, Solarjunkie also replied that she had or still does want one...... Could we have a section where we can post what we want to buy maybe then manufacturers will take notice of what we want not what we have to have. Maybe there coud be a counter button which could be pressed if you also want this, hopefully ABers would not press too many extra times.


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i doubt manufacturers of all the thousands of products available would do their research here, and as you point out, the flaw is the results might not be genuine

there is the shopping section though, which might be a better place to ask where to get things

I think it is a great idea. If they take notice then maybe I can get a kettle the style I like, in the colour I want. The IN colour at the moment is silver or chrome I donot want or like them. I want beige or cream to match my kitchen, but the manufacturers think otherwise. Hey ho.

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I want to buy as a new site on AB

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