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Jude123 | 16:07 Tue 24th Jan 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Which is the oldest canal in England?


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BBC - Lincolnshire - Nature Index -
Take a walk along the Fossdyke canal out of Lincoln - the oldest canal in Britain
I have Exeter to Topsham about 1295?

Fossdyke Canal

The canal was built by the Romans in AD120 joining the rivers Witham and Trent and is England's oldest surviving canal.

I Sorry I am wrong, I was in post Roman times, kosoro is correct.
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Thanks all for your posts!
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Just Getting everything shipshape for all you biddies!! :o)

hmmm, bit of paint needed, I see, before we can hit the canals of England

Are you sure that's not the remains of the Titanic Jude ?LOL

I am not here offically yet, just swabbing the decks, and hanging up the hammocks, oh what else has to be done on a boat''''

am expecting quite a crowd.......

sleeping quarters

Ship ahoy my hearties. This is vinny over the top as usual


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Lol Jno pleased everybody's getting in the mood! (for the boat)

just getting a bit of valuable tap-dancing practice

so is gessoo

Ahoy me Heartys...I be loaded to the gunwhales..yo ho ho....!!lets go a swashbucklin..on the .open seas..(norfolk broads..hehe)raise the jolly go lookin fer sum booty...were be stopping fer some grog on the way...shiver me timbers....!! these decks could do with some scrubbing...get working you landlubbers..or it will be the cat-o-nine tails fer ye.or even worse...I send you away to the land where are dolly lives....or even worse than that...are let the spanish have yer...look what happen to are netti...hehe...(:-)

Jude we're now moored in AB Suggestions - prepare to cast off and head for the canals...


jno. I've definitely lost a few years according to your link!

Hi there shipmates....I don't know who those two are jno but I've shoved 'em overboard, there'll be none of that on here I hope.

erm..... I hate to bring this up so soon (hope I'm not going to regret that phrase) but who's in charge of the cooking? Hope we don't have to catch our own, I'm not much good with maggots, ugh.

I've sorted out some entertainment for later btw....


it's okay Robinia, there is an alternative to cooking

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Afternoon everybody and welcome.Hope you're all getting your 'sea legs' whether on the high seas or the canals. Hope it never gets rough because I get sea sick so point me in the right direction if it does!!
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Is this your cabin Vinny? What's the armour for.....expecting pirates!! :o)


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