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january_bug | 16:48 Mon 23rd Jan 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Ed - I do understand that this is not all your fault, because your bosses give you a budget and a certain number of colleagues and you are limited by the resources provided to you. However, there does come a point when you actually are (perhaps inadvertantly) undermining your own position by blaming somebody else every time someone makes a public complaint. It is beginning to appear that you have no authority/responsibility.

In order to assist you in your own defence, might I suggest that, on the home page, you have a small box informing all who visit of the following:-

  1. Number of registered users

  2. Number of posts on the site in total

  3. Number of posts posted in the last 24 hours

  4. Number of times "report" has been hit in the past 24 hours

  5. Number of posts removed by the robots in the past 24 hours

  6. Number of posts reviewed by the Editor in the past 24 hours

  7. Number of posts removed by the editor in the past 24 hours

  8. Number of users suspended in the past 24 hours

  9. Number of users banned in the past 24 hours

In time, you could even give us access to more detailed information about the reasons for the removing of the questions by category.

This would show all users quite how much work you are doing, and also allow us to keep a better perspective of how few posts are removed, relative to the number posted etc.

What do you think?

What does anyone else think?

Are you prepared to share this information with the users? I think it might help you to be honest. Many people think you do veyr little work at all, and simple statistics could prove them wrong!


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Ed - I apologise for the title of my suggestion. I originally type something that, on reflection, was very harsh, and I altered the contents of my post and came up with something far more constructive. I ommitted to alter the title of my suggestion - I apologise.

I do hope you will consider my suggestion, which is totally genuine, as I do believe that it will be a way of proving to people the problems that you face on a daily basis, and will dispel many of the rumours about the colume/percentage of bannings. It may put an end to the comments about democracy etc, which, whilst perhaps entirely valid, must be adding to your workload.

looks like it might add to the workload significantly. Personally, whenever AB Ed misbehaves, I just go kick the cat.
I don't believe that jno, you're making it up! lol :)
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How would it ADD to Ed's work?

Surely that is something that the techies would sort out? These stats are on record somewhere, or could easily be added.

One particular forum I am a member of, tells me immediately how many members, who was the most recent to join, and how many posts there have been on the whole site since I last logged in. Admittedly the site has less than 20 members, but I'm sure that the technology can cope with bigger numbers.

I just thought it might allow Ed to defend herself a little more effectively. Her choice mind you.

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PS - I didn't necessarily mean ALL of the following, after all, this is a SUGGESTIONS section. I was merely SUGGESTING the idea.
PS bug how did you get the small size type in your Q? Did you have to do it on Word? Looks neat.
well, it's kinda form-filling-out, which is so not cyberspace... and always takes time. But maybe robots could do it all.
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I did it on the usual form doing I list:-

  1. Just

  2. Like

  3. This

  4. Except that perhaps it only shrinks when you write a long line of text.

I can see that Ed might be opposed to doing a bit of work, but what I was trying to suggest is that, one set up (ok, it might take a day, but then it's done) it would easily demonstrate how much work Ed realyl does. Assuming that this is at a level Ed is pleased to present to the users and/or owners of the site, then I thought this would be a good thing (for ABE, and for most other users).

Hi jan_bug

The use of counters on the site - in addition to the already total number of Qs that are listed on the category pages - is an idea that has been bandied about the ole caves for a while. Thank you for the suggestion and we will continue to keep it in mind as we go to develop the site further.


Question Author

Cool - thanks for responding Ed.

Thanks for also using the proper technical terms. I can now sit back and relax knowing I've learnt my new thing for today!

Hopefully the use of Counters on the homepage might leave you free to get on with other aspects of your job and make things a little less stressful.

There are some very good points raised here, but I have a feeling that the information requested would fall into the categories of need to know and nice to know. As much as we'd like things to be open, I can see Crystal Guides being somewhat cagey about what they might consider to be sensitive info, even though we may view things quite differently.
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I agree Cappucino. :-)

I don't think we NEED to know any of the information. However, I feel that a lot of users WANT or would like this information, and also that this information could assist the editor in proving that they do work hard, when ABE faces such frequent accusations about doing the wrong thing, or banning so many questions.

PS - Why does everyone keep mentioning the names of the owners? Has this only just been revealed? Are these the owners or the hosts?

Crystal Guides own various sites; you can google them. They probably all have items about diamonds and black holes on them and are all powered by the same yak butter.
Question Author

And all edited by the same overworked Editor!?! :-p

I reckon Ed should make the next poll "who has ever bothered to read about the diamonds, or the black holes" Choice "Me" or "Not me".


not only that but she has to be monastery administrator and does the pole dancing in the evenings.

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