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snapdarlich | 22:38 Tue 06th Dec 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Can you just tell me why sometimes when I post in capitals, it comes out as lowercase? Just wondering what I'm doing wrong.


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I have the answer Snappy!!!!

You're gonna have to send me some lovin to divulge the details though ;)

If everything you type is in capitals, then the robots think it's a mistake and fix it (ain't they helpful??) But if it's only PARTLY IN CAPITALS, then it's ok!!
Ooooooo Cat ya smart alec ;-)
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I bow to the mentor that is

dum diddy daaaahhhh


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Och Dak, sorry - I'll muster up the energy and post you some soon...

Lovin that is...hang on a moment.

try posting only in small towns...
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I never thought of that jno!!!

How long did that take you. Cheers for the laugh btw!


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hee hee - that was funny!

Hi snap,

As mentioned above - its the editing suite. You're not doing anything wrong.

AB Editor

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