Persona non grata?

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gen2 | 21:43 Tue 06th Dec 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Has browneyes99 been declared persona non grata?

Half an hour ago, there was a perfectly legitimate question in Q&P asking for a crossword answer for the Sunday Express (this one) Now it has inexplicably disappeared.

The question was:
9d. Dogs once used in hunting semi aquatic mammals of the genus lutra (5,6).
Has the anti-hunting lobby nobbled the ED?


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Hi there,

The chances are that he/she has posted too many times within 5 minutes - automatic temporary ban.

He/she might have got a little over zealous for a while there. Don't worry he/she'll be back :)

Hi gen2,

Browneyes99 posted more than is allowed within the five minute period. Which is why we encourage our Quiz & Puzzlers to put all their clues in a single Question or thread, where possible.

Thanks Dakota - want a job?

AB Editor

Yes please :)
Question Author

Thanks Dakota and AB ED for your replies.

Just wondering though - does the risk of getting banned just apply to posting too many questions, or do I also run the risk of a temporary ban if I give too many answers?

AB Ed will no doubt correct me if I'm wrong but I think it applies to answers as well as questions; it's to keep spammers out.

hahahahaha JNO - you're wanting a job along side me are you!!


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