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biley | 20:23 Sun 04th Dec 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Is there any way AB can delete unanswered questions after say a month. On the quizzes and puzzles section of the site there is, as I write this, somebody trying to clear them himself which only goes to clog up the recently answered questions and file and rather ruins it for those of us who like to look at 'real' answers - and will also mean that the original posters of the questions/remarks will get an e-mail saying there is a response to their question - an e-mail they clearly do not want. PLEASE do something about this.


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Totally Agree biley....Well said


I agree with you too Biley (for once!). I 'm sure I wouldn't want my inbox clogged up with answers to questions I asked a year ago. I think it is a good idea to clear out unanswered questions.After all if you can't find theanswers to your crossword within a month -six weeks ,you are never going to find them !

Sorry biley, valerieb1254 and shaneystar2 - that was me.

biley; I know the Editor has said it will be looked at, but I did give correct answers where I could (including looking through 6 months of the Saturday Telegraph General Knowledge crosswords and various google searches to do so). I had some time to kill.

Some of the "questions" were merely someone saying thank-you in a new "question", with the person being thanked not responding, and to these I mainly added my thanks, (in some cases to valerieb1254). If everyone answered when they were thanked, these would not appear in "unanswered questions".

shaneystar2; the bulk of the questions which I posted answers to were from different Q & P users, so most will only get 1 or possibly 2 e-mails from AnswerBank.

I will obviously stop trying to find answers for the unanswered questions now, as I did not realise this would upset anyone who is looking at the Q & P section under the "most recently answered" function.

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Deletion of unanswered questions

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