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january_bug | 19:05 Thu 17th Nov 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Looks like the guy needs a section all to himself! ABE - any chance of passing this idea to the monks!?! :-)


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Uh huh. Not funny enough to justify the abusive content.

Did this sh!tty nature you have creep out at interview?

And get the monks to seal to door too!

Is there a rule stating how many threads one can post in a 24 hour period?
under one user name?

I'm lost.....

no surprise there then

Is ronnie also the bar of soap person? i think I asked this last night
aww you know, this isnt very fair, loads of people - me included have made tons of posts in cb in one day, so to single someone out like this is just being totally picky (sorry buggy no offence meant)
I totally agree with you Pix, sorry Buggy.
ronnie does talk about himself a lot, but then so does everyone on CB; that's what it's for (though it may not have been what was originally intended). He seems mostly polite, except when insulted, which is fair enough. Besides, when you're that good looking, you just want to let everyone know.

Hi jan-bug etc...

I would tend to agree with the others, lets not pick on wee Ronnie. Hell, at least he's never asked how many ounces of soya one needs to reduce one's risk of falling off a bridge.

Or has he? ;)


thanks for that comment Ed, I just choked on my cuppa. pmsl :)
Question Author

Dear all

Three words for you

  1. Tongue

  2. In

  3. Cheek

:-p :-) Cor, I'm almost offended that you guys can't tell when I'm being silly! :'(

resisting the temptation to say 'all the time' bug... the :-) is a bit of a giveaway, of course
Question Author
Yeah jno, but it seems some people felt that my suggestion was serious - at least their responses here seemed serious enough! Anyway :-) right back at ya! :-)

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