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vehelpfulguy | 21:50 Tue 04th Oct 2005 | Site Suggestions
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I know there is a danger of having too many topics, but Internet and Technology is just to broad.

How about one topic of Internet and Computers and another of Phones and Technology ? 


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not really my field - it's one where I post questions rather than answers - but it seems to me that it's merging more every day. Phones are already on the way to being computers and internet links; computers are gameboys and gramophones* alike; technology is all of them. It's a big topic, and it sure has a lot of Qs posted in it, but I think it would be a mistake to split it.

*sorry: gramophones = granddaddies of iPods.

It was suggested a long time ago that it could be better to have "Internet & Computers" and "Science & Technology" but nothing happened.

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Split Internet and Technology

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