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gen2 | 20:57 Sat 24th Sep 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Let us say you post a question and then later post a reply in the same thread.  The option to 'Report this answer' is not offered - just as you would expect.  However, the option to 'Rate this answer' is still offered.  Why?

Who, apart from MargeB, would ever want or need to rate themselves?


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I've rated myself before, by accident of course

well, its nice to blow your own trumpet sometimes!

Hi All,

Funny that MargeB comment - funny coz it's true!

In all seriousness, thanks for the heads up on that one. Will look into this inconsistency.


don't understand either of those comments. why do you think i would want to rate myself? or are you both just being a bit nasty?
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MargeB, The evidence is here in this thread called Nuclear Fishing in 'How it Works'

Read the thread. I had to put stars in for it to make any sense.

You might have known what you meant, but without that info your message came across almost as offensive as the editor's. Never a big fan of personal remarks myself.

Sorry MargeB,

all in good fun.


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Self congratulation

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