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Mattk | 19:07 Mon 29th Aug 2005 | Site Suggestions
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sometimes a question is asked that technically fits into more than 1 section eg music from a film do you post in music or film & tv ?!

when we create our question,maybe a prompt could pop-up allowing to post in several sections at once rather than having to re-type and copying and pasting ? 


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multiple posting is kind of discouraged, I'm not really sure why. But I think it's perfectly justifiable for those questions that fit 2 categories, or don't quite fit any of them.
I don't like finding that a question has been posted in more than one section.  On many occasions I have answered a question (often following considerable time spent surfing to find an answer), then have found the same question posted in another category and already answered by other ABers.
agree with SteveD. It is annoying as an answerer to post an answer in one section only to find the question answered elsewhere, also that duplicate question will have pushed a (probably non duplicate) question off the front page and lessened the chance of it getting an answer. What i would suggest is that if you question travels down the front page and vanishes without an answer, then you could re post in another section
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so maybe as the question was posted by my suggestion above,the answer could link to all sections ie you answer it in film & tv and it automatically slots your answer in to music also ?
yes, this business of having only 20 items on a page can be a nuisance. Sounds like a lot, but it isn't always; on CB in particular a thread can be out the back door before you can blink. The same is true of answers - notice how many threads stop at 21 or so because nobody can be bothered to click on Next to see a single answer. Perhaps there's an argument for having longer pages generally on AnswerBank?

Hi all,

Thank you for all the lovely suggestions - theoretical, technical and otherwise.

At the moment, we encourage users to post only in ONE section, as this allows the questions of other's to receive (as equal as possible) prominence on the category page.

This of course may change in the future if/when the AnswerBank undergoes a redesign of some sort.

Vague enough? Welcome to the Internet.


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