Time stamp is 1 hour out!!!

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gen2 | 20:17 Wed 17th Aug 2005 | Site Suggestions
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I have only now realised that AB's clock is an hour out.  I have just posted a reply at 19:05 BST but it was time stamped as 19:05 GMT.  British summer time is one hour ahead of GMT (or Zulu or UT).  Has the AB Ed been locked away in his monastery for too long?  How many chocolate cakes will it take to get it fixed?  Or more to the point, how many IT Heavies will it need?


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Oops!  I have just seen that jno pointed out the same thing about 12 hours ago in ursula62 's 'thank you' thread.  It is very difficult to find time to read every post in every thread to make sure I am not duplicating a comment and this is bound to happen all the while the 'category search' improvements remain on the 'To Do' list.
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Thanks kempie, I must have missed that.  So jno wasn't the first to spot it either.
these things just become part of the AB communal consciousness gen2

Hi all,

Thank you for pointing this out - again. Unfortunately, I cannot say that tact or indeed politeness can be accurately attributed to the contributors of this thread or the one regarding country of origin that I've just reponded to. In regards to the time, the Heavies are working on it.  


I see the ED had to edit himself....This warm weather certainly affects my temper and I don't have to live in a cave with 7,000 monks and the Heavies....and all the fudge topping melts off the cake...lets all be nice to ED (and each other) for a bit
actually I thought this was quite a humble and beseeching sort of thread, with polite offers of choccy cake and everything.
okay it's now 08:35 BST (if you can call this S) but as the GMTs/BSTs have vanished, let's see what AB calls it...

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Time stamp is 1 hour out!!!

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