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Cetti | 14:13 Wed 17th Aug 2005 | Site Suggestions
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This has been asked many times, but we really, really, really do need to know where posters live. It is essential for all Natural World based Q's as well as the Travel section, Gardens - and  just about every other category as well.

A lot of us are  getting to the point where mind reading is a necessary qualification just trying to identify a creature or bird etc. that has been described by a lovely poster that perhaps doesn't have English as their first language.

Please answer our plea dearest ED as this has been a problem for a very long time - and armed with this knowledge at least we will have a good starting point.


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Would just like to second Cetti on this.  All we would need is a country of origin - surely this would not be an infringement on privacy?  Please (down on bended knee, offering a huge slice of chocolate cake, covered in real cream with a dollop of fresh cream on top)
Question Author
Better make that 'whipped' cream FP - that's bound to do the trick :-)
Cetti, the poster of the question to which you refer( Link ) resides in ChatterBank so your suggestion that it is an escapee is probably correct.
I still demand anonymity. I didn't move to 57�35�48�N 13�41�19�W to have everyone know where I am. People spotting rare birds or vegetables should just say where they've seen them; is that so hard?

jno, you have my sympathy.  No wonder you come on here so often - you must get Rockall help from your neighbours.

Question Author

Don't worry jno we're not demanding your name or even your body revealed in all its glory  - just a county.

Last but not least:

Hi Cetti, as you can see I have made several suggestions for a Country of Origin facility & e-mailed AB Ed asking for same - I think it would be very helpful for AB'ers.

No smudge not last I'm afraid........see here >!!!!  :-)

gotta give smudge credit for persistence (or is she just generously trying to give her stalker a hint!). Anyway, I still say it should be up to the user to decide if he/she wants to identify his/her whereabouts. Most are quite happy to do so. I'd rather not <shy, modest blush>
Question Author

Dear smudge, I hoped you would see this.

Please don't think I'm taking anything away from your excellent efforts - I wouldn't dream of it, but the more of us on our knees pleading for this very necessary addition the better, don't you agree?

The country of origin is fine for some categories, but for reasons of identification we need the poster's county.

Hi All,

Thanks again for this suggestion. This suggestion has been passed to our Technical Department and the men with shirts for consideration. Just because time has passed, does not mean we have forgotten. Please note that all improvements to the site must go through the proper channels and are not as simple to implement as pressing a button (the Heavies really hate it when you suggest it is... believe me on this one!).

Thanks again and keep the suggestions comin'.


jno, I had always suspected that you were a super intelligent being from another galaxy with special knowledge of all things Earthly.  Now I am even more sure!
we could just post our country after our answer eg (uk)
Question Author

Brilliant idea justineo, let's do that! 

Just the once would be sufficient for a longish thread. Cetti - Dorset, UK     ...Either or both, the choice is ours.

Agreed, (Norfolk UK)
and if we did this jno's privacy will be preserved.

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