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jno | 12:40 Wed 10th Aug 2005 | Site Suggestions
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just noticed that posts are appearing with the time attached. This will please several users, who should forward chocolate cakes to AB Ed forthwith.


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Hi jno mycatis noticed this earlier and there is a wee thread going on about it in CB!

Hi all,

Thank you for the kudos. You may have noticed AnswerBank time does not currently match GMT or "real" time at the moment. The Heavies are working on it and will be sorted shortly, that is if they've figured whether to pull the red wire or is it the blue wire? Anyways, if all the clocks in your home suddenly start malfunctioning you'll know where it all began.


Brilliant - Thanks AB ED for the time! As you know I'd asked for this facility several times, but didn't think you were going to take it up, but now it's here.

I'm sure it won't take those clever old techie's long to sort out the matching of time.

well if you will put the oldest monks in the treadmill, your clock will run slow!!
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...and the chocolate cakes will be undercooked or overcooked depending which clock you use, woofgang. Never mind, this should help my defence in the coming murder case: 'Your honour I could not possibly have killed Mr O as I was on AB at the time. This is demonstrated by the AB timing device, famous for never being more than 20 minutes adrift of Big Ben either way.'

Interesting that the clock shows libertie's response as coming first but actually the pink square appeared first. Perhaps AB Ed is winding back the odometer?

Does this mean that by the end of this week I will be younger instead of older........happy days!!

Ed have you thought about upgrading to the mk 2 chrono-monkometer?

It has room for 3 monks for greater reliability and durability,auto "finger of Ed" rate correction (courtesy of the "happy cow" cattle prod inc) and weight variable chocolate cake release program to ensure the health of the monks and for greater clock running economy. (cannot wait to see what the ebay ad makes of theis!!!!)

I've only just arrived so just testing to see what time I come up with.

smudge we just need the country to be added now!

Thanks Neti, I lost count of the times I requested time on here & e-mails to the Ed, but it & other's paid off.

Hopefully we might even get the Country - wishful thinking though I fear!

Hi all,

Was considering the ole monk-o-meter, decided it would only stink up the caves what with their sweat and all. Back to the basic timepiece, I'm afraid. Enjoy.


Then can I interest you in the Mk III with gas sensor activated shower and deoderant attachment? The only draw back is that the monks have to strip to the loin cloth for it to function properly....
Oh Editor you've just popped my ego!  I was going to come here and be all clever and pompous and point out that the times are showing as GMT instead of BST, but you've noticed already!  Bah humbug.

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