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acw | 15:43 Sun 17th Jul 2005 | Site Suggestions
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There are probably more than these 3, but here goes anyway!

FP has given over 3000 answers, and Andy and Smudge over 5000. 

I think this deserves more than chocolate cake.  I think, if they'd like, that they should be allowed to have a new colour.  We have green for newbies and black for everyone else.  What about a new colour for outstanding contribution (even if measured only in terms of volume! Thought I'm sure these guys deserve it on merit too!)!?

Just a thought ABE - I know you and the techies get so few requests!!! :-p

Thanks for considering it though! :-)


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Please can we be red!  Thanks AB Editor.  Don't forget people like Quizmonster.  There are quite a few of us out there.  And Bernardo needs a colour all to himself!!!!  I suggest yellow.  He will know what I mean.

Thank you acw!

Question Author

Your welcome!

I'm hoping to reach your dizzy heights some day.  Well - I'm half way there I suppose! :-)

I have done 8700ish answers, not counting the many millions of answers which have disappeared down the plughole with the deleted questions about blank-tucking.  I prefer red :-)
this is my 3531st answer. Can I be purple please?
How do you know how many answers others have posted?
Question Author
It was mentioned in another thread -  here
Thankyou acw - green is my favourite colour, but as it is currently used for AB newcomers, I'm happy to go along with red or purple!
I've now posted 1276 answers so I'll be blue - oops perhaps not!! 
I was also mentioned in a thread a while ago, but I can't find it in the search engine...actually it occurs to me that it is called a search engine, not a find engine so maybe its not surprising that I can never find anything with it!
Yes woofgang it's a male search engine.
Does it walk around looking blank carefully patting things, opening drawers and peering in, saying things like "don't worry, it doesn't matter, I'll do without" :-)
first it asks someone else where it should find it, then when going to the appropriate place, if it doesn't jump out and slap it around the head, it can't possibly be there so just says sorry no such topic found
Question Author

But males NEVER ask where things are!!  Or is that only with directions!?!

Anyway - I'm still waiting for a pink box from ABE! ;-) :-)

it's definitely only directions they don't ask for, my hubby is always asking me where things are without even trying to look for them first, they are generally right under his nose or in the place where they are normally kept (doh!) - I tried having silly answers for him like on the hook on the back of my neck or behind the wallpaper in the bedroom, but he didn't see the funny side of it I'm afraid

Hi acw & da gang,

Good suggestion - will add it to the nebula of AB genius to consider.

Keep 'em commmin'


I may not have done quite so many answers but mine have all been of excellent quality, first rate stuff so I think I should have a colour also!! Ta!
Can i have rainbow colours please cos im a pixie
woofgang no you cant! I wanted to be that colour, so there!  (I'll tell teacher if there's any more of that).
wot an elitist suggestion acw. So 'senior ABers' will go poncing about in imperial purple like Roman emperors while the plebs scuttle round in black. (The top posters will doubtless be the busy little bees on ChatterBank, so they should have black and yellow stripes.)
Question Author

Ok, well if it's such an offensive idea let's make the whole site red and be Commies.

Perhaps a colour change after 6, and then 12 months membership?  Or is that elitist too? 

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Andy_Hughes, Smudge, FP etc

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