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acw | 15:43 Sun 17th Jul 2005 | Site Suggestions
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There are probably more than these 3, but here goes anyway!

FP has given over 3000 answers, and Andy and Smudge over 5000. 

I think this deserves more than chocolate cake.  I think, if they'd like, that they should be allowed to have a new colour.  We have green for newbies and black for everyone else.  What about a new colour for outstanding contribution (even if measured only in terms of volume! Thought I'm sure these guys deserve it on merit too!)!?

Just a thought ABE - I know you and the techies get so few requests!!! :-p

Thanks for considering it though! :-)


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Yes acw let's be elitist - I'll even wear a crown to differentiate me from the plebs - jno is obviously a pleb.
jno is deffo a pleb, and thinks we should all stay black to honour our African heritage. But seriously, I understand the usefulness of green names for 2 weeks; but otherwise everyone on AB should be treated as equals, and newbies shouldn't be left to wonder if there's a colour-coded social scale they must work their way up.
guys guys it was a bit of fun, please no agro
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It's ok - my threads at the moment are accidentally causing rows, but then the warm and fuzzy feeling is quickly restored.  Check this out!

Hopefully we'll all kiss and make up soon.

I also think this is still pretty much tongue in cheek - least I thought it was! :-) 

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Andy_Hughes, Smudge, FP etc

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