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commoner | 14:45 Tue 05th Jun 2012 | Site Suggestions
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I personally hate to spend an hour or more on a discussion for it to disappear without an explanation or a warning to either the OP or to an ABer getting a bit out of hand...could we please have some notice, even short notice that apost is about to be pulled?


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the Ed does occasionally turn up and ask people to mind their step if he thinks they're teetering on a cliff-edge. But otherwise if a post is removed it will be for some fairly obvious reason (one being that the poster is a troll, banned member or similar). I don't know what one you're talking about, but was there any impropriety in it?
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jno..well it was rather an emotive subject...about slavery ....and some of the stuff was rather heated...I wasn't surprised to see it pulled but just suggesting some sort of warning to say it could or would be pulled might be fair to contributors to the discussion..That's all,,:-)
i think a brief explanation (post-withdrawal) would be a good idea x
the author has been banned, possibly on suspicion of trollery

Anyone who dares suggest the British might ever have been involved in slavery is likely to meet the same fate.
The problem is, if a mod did it (Wasn't me by the way- i'd gone out), and they then explained why it was removed, you'd get other users arguing with them if they didn't agree.
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Appreciate that BOO but I always feel let down when it happens...s'all.

That was the one jno...then she came back as number2 and asked why it had been removed....then that went have to admire her cheek..:-)
I thought it was a fair enough question, but I didn't see many of the answers... I can imagine they might have been heated, though.

Anyway, think of it as a conversation, once you've had it, it's over, you don't have to keep replaying it.
oh dear, they only posted twice according to their profile
Well we all know they will be back later under a new id
''it was rather an emotive subject''

I doubt it was removed because of subject matter. Much more likely for the reason jno states.

''could we please have some notice, even short notice that apost is about to be pulled?''

Why? What benefit is there?
I was marked as "Best Answer" on that thread, then it disappeared. It was like having your gold medal snatched back!

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