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China Doll | 12:07 Sun 06th May 2012 | Site Suggestions
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Not really a suggestion. TWR's 'I wonder' thread is showing as having 30 answers, I clicked to have a look and I can only see up to 21 answers, the last being TWR's answer so I'm missing 9 answers.

I noticed it earlier on Choclate Chipe's thread in Body & Soul which was showing as 9 answers at one point and I could only see 3. At the time I just assumed AB was taking a while to load up.

Is this a problem exclusive to me or is it an AB thing?



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There has Not been any problem this end. Are you by any chance using Firefox 12., which does have a few hiccups within AB?.


click on refresh - this does it for me (I am having this problem, on FF12)
If I click on a question which I have previously viewed, I end up at the end of the thread where I left it.......

I have to F5 and then it'll show me the answers which have been added since I last looked.

I also have to F5 to see any answers I have added.
Like Ron, I suspect that the problem is related to Firefox 12 but probably because people submitting answers are having problems with it.

When a FF12 user submits an answer they don't immediately see it. (They need to refresh the page in order for it to show up). That can result in people thinking that AB's server hasn't accepted their post, so they re-post their reply. When an identical reply is posted, AB's system increases the answer count but deletes the duplicate post, resulting in the counter showing more posts than there really are.

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Aahhh, cheers all. Zappy's getting on a bit and I wondered if it was zappy being a problem or an AB glitch.. hadn't noticed previous question or problem! Cheers all :c)

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