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commoner | 07:01 Tue 01st May 2012 | Site Suggestions
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I wish the adverts could be made Double Click....just fed up with being transported to sh1t sites just because my touch pad is a wee sensitive and fires of the damn things at the slightest touch....should be possible surely....:-((


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No, sorry.

You can change the sensitivity of most touchpads though. I suggest asking a question in technology about the subject.
Touch pads are a menace. Plug in a USB mouse.

Alternatively do as Ed has suggested.

In the meanwhile, is this of any help.:-

This answer will probably be removed, since it runs counter to the reason AB carries adverts, i.e. to pay for running the site... Anyway, I was fed up with a toolbar that kept popping up on one of my favourite web pages. I got rid of it by downloading and running 'AdBlock Plus', (it's free to download and use). To my surprise, now when I'm on AB, there are absolutely no adverts displayed. But don't tell everyone!
heathfield....I'll not say a word as long as you don't tell anyone that I now use Adblock Plus..It was all the flashing adverts which pushed me into it.

I guess mum's the word, Ron!
Hi heathfield ......Quite right....Mum's the word and I am a daddy at that.

I say, let people find out for themselves about:-

Sorry - just had to gatecrash to say - what a gorgeous Bedlington you have - I have one too!

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