Why can't my questions be re-listed as unanswered when someone has given me a silly non-answer?

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Foxglove | 16:53 Sun 03rd Apr 2005 | Site Suggestions
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On two occasins I have asked a perfectly sensible question only to have it answered in a flippant and joking way WITHOUT giving me any answer at all. As a result of this the question did not receive any more 'hits' and I have been left none the wiser and have had to re-ask the question. Why can't we have some method of cancelling out silly answers so that the original questin is classed as unanswered once again. I know that lots of people only search through the unanswered questions anyway.


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don't despair, many people look at answered questions, which is why some of them gather literally thousands of responses (especially Harry Potter ones). I understand your frustration at jokey answers, but it may just be that nobody knew the right ones.
I never ever only look at all the unanswered questions and always scan the first list of each section visit. If you don't get an answer, as foxglove says, it may be because nobody knows.

As above, I often look at answered questions, I like to see what people have answered.

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thank you all for your encouraging and sensible answers.

Foxglove, what was your question?
Foxglove, if you report the answers as irrelevant then Ed *may* remove them?

Dear Users

Unfortunately this is not a function that the AnswerBank has considered making possible. We feel that the system could be open to abuse by users, and could cause problems between users as to why their answers were removed.


AB Editor

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Why can't my questions be re-listed as unanswered when someone has given me a silly non-answer?

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