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vivandorron | 20:58 Mon 21st Mar 2011 | Site Suggestions
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I still remain perturbed by AB's lack of information to us for Suspensions and Banning of members. Perhaps there should be a section to keep us updated on who has been 'outlawed' with the reasons for such.

I doubt that the Ed will comment on what I have posted in the Ornithological 'sticky'; which reads as follows:-

//UNIDENTIFIED BIRD......You will appreciate that this afternoon I was surprised to discover that one of our best contributors has been subjected by AB's Ed to 'Bird'. Namely, NazNomad who has been suspended without any reason being given for his imprisonment.

In my opinion it is axiomatic of British Justice that an explanation is given for all sentences imposed by 'Courts of Law' and, this being the case, there is reason for AB's Ed to give a reason for the prisoner's sentence. (Unless of course AB can operate outside of UK jurisdiction.) //



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Ron, this is just a website, not the Old Bailey! The Ed runs it - he can do what he likes. As such, he is answerable to no-one. Click the link below for the Site Rules, specifically the final paragraph: "Due to the high volume of posts, all editorial decisions are final, and discussion relating to the removal or editing of posts will not be entered into by the AB Editor."

It really doesn't matter whether the registered users of TheAnswerBank agree or disagree with that - that's just the way it is...
Good grief... you don't half bang on... and on... and on...
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as jth said, you seem to be under the mistaken apprehension that AB is a democracy; it is not, it's a commercial website and can make up its own rules as it goes along if it wants
Not again Ron. It isn't going to happen.
since its ed^s decision who is banned or suspended , i hardly think the " staff " are going to inform us abers the reason why. maybe the banned / suspended can enlighten us when they return, which they will either with usual username or a " new one,
Well they have their list of reasons for suspension but maybe the problem lies with how rigorously those reasons are interpreted by whoever is on "duty" at the time. I put a question on our works forum recently (known as The Dark Side) and because one respondent misspelled a word which meant he effectively swore, the whole thread was deleted. Petty censorship like that makes me feel very uncomfortable. A thread that is started to question that censorship that is pulled makes me feel even more uncomfortable and has shades of being back at school for me.
Ron, I think we've been here before. Ed doesn't have to justify why people are suspended, he won't discuss it. If someone reported a post (and here we are again, identifying naznomad) it's because it offended them, Ed doesn't take action unless he agrees with it. Ed certainly doesn't have to justify his action to us, it's written in the Site Rules, as MR says. It's Ed's site. We don't often know why people have been suspended but they must have upset someone to have done so. I don't understand some of them any more than you do. Your bird thread is actually out of order, being as Ed told us a while ago to "keep on topic" - that isn't.
Oh not naz! I thought he was one of the sensible ones on here. I didn't think he could so bad to deserve that, he must have been driven to it by someone being rude to him. I suppose only the ABers on the thread in question will know what happened to bring about the suspension. Someone usually tells us.
and even then not always, gran - you can go away to make a cup of tea, and pouf! gorn.
If theres gonna be any outlaws on here, can i wear black as a baddie?....... can i??

( dotty's Garth Crooks................

Bugger it!....not him.......hold the phone..............


Thats him! ( i just clicked on another Garth Brooks picture and my anti virus picked up a 'threat detected' )

The only threat i can detect is to our wingnuts :0)
Oh yes I see boxy gorn. I thought Ron was going to suggest a no-fly zone over the suggestions column.
evening, yogi
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lol at ayg :)
If you scroll down about 10 rows.....picture of GB with black shirt smiling is dodgy.........oh and it gives out a threat warned and afraid
Stop it yogi, you're putting me off my cornflakes
Question Author
Perhaps the time has come for me to depart from AB which is /or has become undemocratic.

Please tell me.

ron, the worry about continuing to post about suspension is that you may be at risk yourself, a lot of threads have been removed from CB regarding suspensions/bans.

I think we will just have to hope that the suspendee's are safely returned in the next few days

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