First Waxwing Sighting

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rowanwitch | 09:09 Fri 22nd Oct 2021 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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First one seen in Scotland on 20th. This is early, for any birders out there keep 'em peeled, it could be a waxwing winter. Still to see a flock of these amazing birds so will be tracking sightings of anyone else is interested.


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I'd love to see one, I'll be keeping 'em peeled.
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One heard in Jarrow this morning as well
Loads of bramblings in the country at the moment. Very early for this species.
A Varied Thrush in Orkney is driving the twitchers crazy.
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Oh for the dosh to do some serious twitching. I sometimes turn up at a reserve find it swarming with the tick and go brigade, I like to enjoy seeing the bird properly.
A very rare visitor for us here, Rowan but have such good memories of flocks arriving in Northants. Beautiful sight.
Fieldfare have arrived though and white-tailed eagles over our estuary so that's happy making.
I've done 2 twitches in over 40yrs of birding.
A crag martin in Chesterfield and the bearded vulture in the Peak District. I met people from all over the country, even one from Lands End.
Most twitchers and toggers are very responsible, but there's always a few idiots:-(
I also twitched about 80 waxwings from my drive as they were feeding in a cotoneaster shrub in my front garden. This was a few years ago in one of the bad winters.
25 spotted in Thurso yesterday and Wednesday.
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25 in Caithness Thurso area
This is promising...
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..Melv, I think we are using the same tracking site!
Yes, I think we do, Rowan.
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Soon be time to renew my birdguides subscription for the other winter rarities
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20 seen Edzell (Angus)
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Seven in Cumbria, One in Northumberland, also a lot of migrant thrushes
Very prosaic but I was pleased to see them.
First large flock of starlings this autumn over the Preselis
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Sad that there used to be murmurations over the centre of london, the trees in Charing Cross road were the main roost.
1 seen in Knutsford, Cheshire.
Dammit - as a gardener with a phobia of birds, I shall not look forward to these illegal immigrants stripping the amazing shrub/tree in my neighbour's garden of its wonderful red berries.
As a gardener you should know that it is nature's way of distributing seed.

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First Waxwing Sighting

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