If You Care About Our Song Birds Will You Please Sign This Petition?

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ladybirder | 10:00 Wed 02nd Dec 2020 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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I was sent it today by Wild Justice asking for more signatures so please sign if you can. Thank you.


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ladybirder, I support an efficient German organisation which sends out teams all over Europe making practical efforts to prevent the killing of birds.
04:17 Tue 15th Dec 2020
I've had an email from Wild Justice today, not read it yet, but if it's the same as yours, then I will sign.
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And if it's not the same as mine will you still sign mine Shirley;-))
Thank you Naomi.
Here's a thought.

To whom is this petition going to be handed ? If some EU body then they already have legislated against the practice.

"Within the borders of the EU, birds have had special conservation status since the creation of the landmark Birds Directive in 1979, a policy designed to protect the populations of all bird species from hunting and habitat loss"

So if that's not acted on what will ?

If it's to the company then they are unlikely to stop selling if it's lucrative. (And threatening to stop buying their cartridges if they don't, is unlikely to affect them much.

If it's the UK government, well how much songbird shooting goes on here ?

Outside of those option no one will take a blind bit of notice. So I'm wondering what the plan was for it.
They don't sell it in the UK or the US, where do they sell those cartridges? The advert is in English
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I don't care where they sell them. Wherever it is I don't want thrushes killed or any other songbird. We should be protecting them.
Lol yes of course I will. Mine wasn't about songbirds.
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Thank you.
I can't sign it lb. I've tried five times and when I press 'sign petition' it goes to a notice asking me am I an internet bot and then it freezes ! Anyone else had this problem ?
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There's hardly anyone else agreed to sign it BS LOL. But no, I didn't have a problem. Try it later perhaps? Thank you for trying anyway. x
I have signed. When you get to internet bot press and hold on blue bit and it goes through.
Signed and shared on Facebook
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Thank you carrot.
Of course songbirds should be protected but I am want the full facts.
Gill I don't get a blue tit to press on. I'm going to have another go now.
Now it's telling me there's an error submitting my signature! Oh well, I tried.

It makes me wonder what kind of warped mind thinks it's ok to invent a cartridge suitable enough to kill a beautiful thrush. I very rarely see thrushes now, but some morons think it's ok to shoot them !!
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Sorry BS, no idea why it won't work for you but again, thanks for trying.
In the link I provided earlier it seems that Decathlon has already dealt with the issue

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If You Care About Our Song Birds Will You Please Sign This Petition?

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