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I thought that you were talking about another of the AB tribe.
Question Author
Has scorpiojo got a beard? :-)
Question Author
Its moved to Lincolnshire.
Merv 12:21

Bit of a w.anky thing to say about somebody absent from the thread. I think apologies are owed.
Question Author
Mozz, butt out!
Stop acting like a child and I might.
Question Author
Evening, scorp. Where as tha been?
In t' Wetherspoons..
Ahhh, 'twas banter. My apologies.
Bin diving Jo?
Question Author
Accepted, mozz.
Only on Fridays, Mamya x
Stunning bird Melv.
Question Author
There's a beautiful photo of it in the winter edition of Nature's Home, the RSPB magazine.
Tilly when did your winter edition come? I'm also a member of the RSPB and I don't recall seeing mine.

Just read the info Melv thank you, so interesting.
Thursday, LB.
Thanks Tilly, perhaps in my postbox then.
Question Author
Look on twitter, there's loads of pics on there. Its been seen feeding on the road on road kill. There's some disgruntled farmers, as the twitchers are parking anywhere.
It'll be a lucky bird if it survives being shot or run over.

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Bearded Vulture.

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