Green Finch

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Chipchopper | 23:12 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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A breath taking moment when I spotted one in the garden today.
I read that they are in decline due to a desease that affects them. Hope they make a come-back.


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How lovely, they are one of my favourite birds and no I haven't seen one for 2 or 3 years. Bullfinches neither.
They are all in my garden. I swear they can smell when we top up the sunflower seeds. We have loads of fledglings too.

>>> I read that they are in decline due to a desease that affects them

If you've got any bird feeders in your garden, CC, it's important to clean them regularly, to help prevent transmission of Trichomonosis between finches:
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I've seen Bullfinches only twice. They came to strip my amalanchier, left then came back the following year for a repeat performance.
It's not just finches that get tricho.

We clean our feeders and thankfully have only seen a couple of chaffinches (albeit not lately) with it.

I'm loving the babies in the garden atm. The woodpeckers have just fledged so we've generally got at least 3 in the garden at any one time.
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Thanks Buen, thats reminded me to give the feeders a good wash and spray before refilling tomorrow. Cheers..
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Yep, greater spotted woodpeckers have rased young here too.
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Saw the green finch again this morning, this time with a beak full of food. Hopefully on its way to feed some chicks.
We have greenfinches back here after about three years. Thrilled.

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Green Finch

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