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Having lived in Pateley Bridge, Nidderdale, an area of outstanding natural beauty for many years I can tell you it goes on all over the place all of the time. The Landowners either encourage or turn a blind eye at their gamekeepers who carry out the poisoning. Hare coursing goes on as well. As soon as Red Kites were released from the breeding programme at Harewood estate and flew into Nidderdale they were poisoned. I feel like poisoning the poisoners and their bosses. Birds, our wildlife, our pets, our children next? They just don't care. It's all about money.
It's truly sickening and doesn't seem to be getting any better.
I don't believe it is or it will be Mamya until it is better policed and heavier penalties are introduced for the Gamekeeper and the Landowner.
I'm not knocking dog owners at all but they really ought to keep their dogs on leads and in their sight when in such areas, for the animals sake as well as for any livestock in the dales. There are parks where it is safe to let a dog off lead.
Hare coursing is illegal. Can't the police be involved? If I could, I would poison the poisoners without a second thought, especially if my beloved dog was hurt.
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These so called 'Landed Gentry' make me sick with their ( via their gamekeepers ) make me sick with their acts of cruelty.
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Gamekeepers Are At It Again.

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