Giving Birds Chicken

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spathiphyllum | 19:53 Mon 20th May 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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That's like.. bird meat bro


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In what context? raptors will eat other birds and I believe that some of the corvids do too.
They do, Woof. I can verify that.
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Cooked chicken breast going in the bin.. Shame to waste it? I know it's the same species but it's an odd one isn't it.
Put it out, if the birds won't eat it the cats and/or foxes will.
I throw out chicken scraps. Not sure if it's the birds, cats or the urban fox that eats them, but always disappear very quickly.
I've just been out the back chatting to a couple of crows and a magpie.
They all confirmed that if it fits in their beaks they'll be fine with it.
I have to put all my meat and bread scraps out in the front garden or Tilly would scoff the lot.

We have foxes and hedgehogs arriving every night to see what's on offer. :-)
keep in mind that rats also like scraps :(

It's no different to giving fish fishmeal .. almost all farmed fish are fed with fishmeal.
Suppose it's like eating your relatives ?
No rats seen on my CCTV cameras. Just foxes, with cubs, and hedgehogs.
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I like rats
It is like Cannibalism to me, but on the same token I hate wasting food, so good on them and nice to know they're well fed.
I don't mind living in the same environment as the odd rat. They do however carry leptospirosis and leave a trail of pee everywhere they go. I'd also rather they didn't ever again take up residence in my garage and store a lobster shell and half a dead snake behind my freezer. No it wasn't my lobster shell or my snake.

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Giving Birds Chicken

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