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Tilly2 | 18:17 Mon 13th May 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Over the last two days we have had five starling fledglings killed and eaten by what seems to be a horribly vicious magpie.

I know it's nature and the magpie needs to feed its young but honestly, it is upsetting to see.

Funnily enough I don't get upset when the sparrowhawk attacks. I suppose that it's the frequency of the magpie killings that is so upsetting.

Is there anything at all that will deter the magpies?


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A few weeks ago one of the cats did a big poo under the conifer...a big magpie swept in and ate the lot.
It's Herons here that pick off the ducklings , moorhen chicks and sometimes goslings too.
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I suppose we have to let them get on with whatever they do.

Togo, do you really shoot birds?
If I don't I certainly scare them away Tills. Ever since I adopted the tactic there has been an explosion in alternative birdlife in the back garden and surrounding trees, bushes, and scrub.
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So, what do you actually do? Just aim and hope, or aim and kill?

Isn't shooting birds illegal now? Isn't that why Chris Packham is coming in for so much stick?
Not illegal to "scare" crows, magpies, and other birds classified as vermin on your own property, or on others property with permission. It is however illegal to do so in public places or close to a highway.
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can you show me the evidence of that, Togo, please?
This question has been asked many times here on the "bank" Tills. I can lead you to one such thread.
Had to laugh at one post on the above thread.

//Thanks for this thread, as we're thinking of putting it out of it's misery, no fluffy cute birds will be harmed during the shooting of this menace!//
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That thread was a long time ago, Togo. Thank you, anyway. All I'm really asking is, can I deter magpies from using my garden as a dining room. I'm not going to shoot or kill anything. I can't even willingly kill an ant.

Perhaps just not putting food out for the birds might help. Fewer birds, fewer predators.
Green warriors shoot predator birds here & bbq their kill. Rabbits & table birds are left till after breeding season.
Tills you can discourage the unwanted with something like this. After a few days of your "displeasure" at their presence the unwelcome will keep well away from your no go zone. It worked for me with the damned cats that used to visit. My Hozelock attachment fires a jet of water about 30 ft. User Recommendation
When we first moved into our current house we had loads of magpies, many nesting in bushes bordering our next door neighbour's garden, and a few crows nesting in a tall tree some houses along from us (now, sadly, chopped down).

On one occasion we did watch the unpleasant sight of the crows attacking the magpies' nests and killing their chicks while the parents flapped and squawked ineffectually. So all corvines are "nasty".

Unfortunately our cats (and we've always had plenty of them) are just as "nasty" and destructive of the local wild-life.

In all these cases it's the way God made them, isn't it? Maybe I'll get to take it up with Him some day.

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Vicious Magpie

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