Wild Berry Suet Pellets

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spathiphyllum | 10:52 Fri 03rd May 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Anyone know where i can get these in bulk please?

I know wilko has them, I was wondering if B&M did them?


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I found out that they do. £1 per 500g £2 a KG. Pretty decent compared to wilko. Hoping to buy in bulk but i will probably just get the smaller packs. Easy storage n easy refill.

The birds have been loving these. I filled the feeder yesterday lunch time and it was nearly all gone by this morn. They love it over the sunflower seed or the standard wild mix.
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They're pricey on amazon. £3 a KG in many cases.
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That's 50% more expensive than B&M
£1.56 a kilo and cheaper if you buy a bigger pack.
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Mamy a fair % of people who reviewed say the birds don't like those pellets, maybe due to the quality?

Thank you though, that is a very good offer. something to think about for sure.
I never put these in a feeder....just chuck them on the lawn with dried mealworms for blackbirds.
if I did that, my dogs would scoff the lot then come indoors and decorate the carpet!
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I put some in a feeder and some on the floor, also some in a cage dish on the feeder stand so all can participate in the feast.
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currently a magpie is eating some off the floor

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Wild Berry Suet Pellets

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