Black Bird Grey Spots

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spathiphyllum | 17:44 Tue 30th Apr 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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And a bit fluffy when it wiggles with a pale beak

Any ideas? Think its a pretty common bird just no idea what it is


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Yes i think it is a starling
My cat caught one the other day, I only just rescued it. Hope it survived...
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What’s a starlings average MPH?
Starling 32-36 kmh (19-22 mph)
A starling's tail is shorter than a blackbird's and it also walks more upright than a blackbird and its head bobs back and forth with each step. When walking it seems to take somewhat long strides for its stature and as it runs it does not switch to hopping the way a blackbird does. The starling's beak is a bit longer and thinner than a blackbird's. The staring emits a complex series of chirps when singing whereas the blackbird is a very tuneful singer.
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Woi, i recently got a new big deluxe bird feeder for the new spring, i just saw a starling get startled by the rapid speed of a blue tit

They are just getting use to me, when i first got it, anytime they saw me looking at them they’d fly away
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Karl that all sounds sound to me, i’m certain it’s a starling

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Black Bird Grey Spots

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