Dexterous Robins

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Chipchopper | 10:02 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Are robins becoming more adaptable in their eating habits ?
I have noticed them using the peanut and fat ball feeders much more readily, rather just going for crumbs that fall to the ground.


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you are lucky getting robins I just get ring doves and starlings x
Yes, Chip. 'Our' robins use the feeders. The birds that have trouble landing on the feeders are the chaffinches. They can't seem to get the hang of it but there're always plenty of bits on the ground below.
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Dunocks seem to be strictly ground or table feeders.
I love dunnocks. They are like little mice scurrying around in the shrubbery.
My 'belligerent' Robin uses the seed feeders, fat balls, peanut feeder and scraps on the ground. He also pecks any sparrow blocking his way to his favourite perch.

He also looks at me asking when I'm going to dig him up some worms ☺☺☺
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Robin's seem very quick to pick up on things. I've often seen them in the woods, searching my tracks through the disturbed leaves for any insect food that may get turned up.
Go into my garden with spade and lo and behold a robin will appear on the fence almost immediately.

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Dexterous Robins

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