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melv16 | 14:27 Tue 25th Dec 2018 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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They're back in Sheffield...yaaayyy


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What a nice present today, just go and shoo them down here please.....I need cheery....

You having a lovely time with your family?.....x
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I've got hoards of them coming tomorrow, gness. Got 4 kids under three to entertain and feed:-\
And you will love every minute! ....... x
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I did love every minute, gness. I'll need to lie down in a darkened room to get over it:-)
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According to my local bird group reports it looks it's going to be the year of the brambling. There's a good chance that waxwings will follow suit.
You are so lucky - have never seen a waxwing up here in Scotland - not in Dundee anyway.
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Look on the waxwing Twitter site, Maggie. I'm sure they've been spotted in Scotland.
Will do melv - have never seen a brambling either!
Excellent. We've seen bramblings but no waxwings.

I've got the spotting scope set up in the kitchen atm. This is why nothing gets done.
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Same here, barmaid. Nowt gets done in daylight hours.
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No sightings of late but still plenty of bramblings.
We haven't seen many Fieldfare or Redwings yet. Are they about?
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Got redwings in the local parks, not many fieldfares around, Tilly.
Why so few this year, Melv? Do you know?
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Don't know, Tilly. There could be plenty of food on the east coast.

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