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Wonderful !!
Been watching for a few days now. What a pretty nesting spot. It's an buzzard's old nest, apparently.
Question Author
The spot's just right for fluffy bunnies, tilly:-)
Have you seen any food delivered, Melv?
Question Author
Not as yet, tilly. Squirrels take a bit of a bashing near the goshawks.
My live stream has gone off. :-(
And mine.
It was just getting interesting as well.
Camera's back on. :-)
Tea time.
That nest is like something out of a fairy tale. It is absolutely beautiful. :-)
I love the way they decorate the nest with pine leaves. It's like fairyland.
Wonderful, just seen the young getting their brecky.
It is lovely isn't it, Chip?
Supper time.

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Goshawk Webcam:-)

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