Goshawk Or Buzzard

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Tilly2 | 18:25 Sun 07th May 2017 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Could someone have a look at this webcam please and tell me whether the bird on the nest is a Goshawk or a Buzzard....or indeed something else.

It says Goshawk but I don't think it is. It has a spotty chest rather than a striped chest and it doesn't look mean enough to be a Goshawk.


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Struggling a bit with the link, Tilly. Had lots of buzzards near us in France - and a couple of pairs here. I have no doubt if I see them in flight, but the pic. is tricky. Head looks like a buzzard (unfortunately hit one which rose from road verge in Franc) - but colours seem wrong and I can't work out the wing shape, sorry. Gness might know.
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Thanks for trying, Jourdain. :-)
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Well, its certainly not a buzzard, not with that colouring.
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It's nit striped though, like your common or garden Goshawk. It has spots.
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^ not striped.
It's turned it's back on me :-(
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I'm watching too, waiting for the male to return.
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I know it's a Goshawk. It just doesn't look like one. :-)
Looks like a Goshawk to me
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I'm waiting for the male, to see if he's barred rather than spotty.
I have recently checked the feed and captured an image. I am not an expert but I think it does look more like a goshawk when compared to similar pictures of that species. If it is possible to load the images I have to AB, (and someone tells me how to do this) maybe you can then verify whether or not it is a goshawk?
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I'm sorry, Flonska but I don't know how to load screenshots. Have you managed to save them on your computer files somewhere? If you have you could try Tinypic. You can upload photos without having to join up.
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I think it looks more like this one:-

Leave it with me to try and upload the image I have . . .
I have tried to post the image on tinypic. If I have done that properly, this should be the link to it.

Sorry its is not a very good shot but I hope it helps.
Oops! No Link - sorry!
See if this works . . .


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Goshawk Or Buzzard

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