Dyfi Ospreys.

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melv16 | 19:48 Fri 29th May 2015 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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We have a bobblehead.....


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I saw it hatch yesterday. It was lovely to see.
unfortunately missed that Tilly :-) *waves*
Is it just the one? (mum's in the way at the minute so I can't tell)
Yes, Peas. (waves back, cooooeeeee!)

Just the one at the moment. It has not yet been fed. Waiting for Monty to bring home the breakfast.
Aah, thanks - I'll keep watching for a bit then and see if Monty comes in
Have a great day x
Ooh! Just saw the chick! How lovely!
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2 bobbleheads now:-)
And now I think there's three :))

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Dyfi Ospreys.

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