Big Garden Birdwatch 2014

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treetops1 | 20:13 Wed 22nd Jan 2014 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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To all you bird watchers out there please don`t forget this weekend 25th and 26th january is the RSPB`s big garden birdwatch.



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I'm all ready to go. :-)
20:15 Wed 22nd Jan 2014
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............and me.
We are ready also. x
Yep, binos on the tripod.
Have we a link to the form?
We have a completely white, albino sparrow that frequents our garden. I have watched it turn from patchy, to completely white. It looks like a white canary.
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Here is the link to get started for the bird count
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Yes but not until they've... owww, stop hitting me!

My husband & I completed our Big Garden Birdwatch at 10.15.

I just cannot access the site to post our results. I thought I had managed to get in at one point but my e-mail address was repeatedly rejected even though it is the only one I have and the RSPB (we are members) always contact me via e-mail.

What's going on? Has anyone else managed to access the results site?
I see that the site is experiencing problems. They are trying to sort things out & advise us to try later. I will look again tomorrow.

"This page can't be displayed"

is the response I'm getting, not good enough RSPB!
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house sparrows-3
Great tit-2
coal tit-1
Wood Pigeon-2

Then to finish it off we had


which made birds fly off and not return for some time
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Hope everyone is now managing to put their results onto the rspb site as its up and running again.
Am I the only silly beggar that gets wood pigeons, and umpteen collar doves ?
Had a pheasant last year, it came in, did a couple of circuits of the back garden, went in the greenhouse, hopped onto the staging, and had a kip for a couple of hours.
Got some great pics of him.
I can't remember how long it is but you get quite a while to send your results in so you all have plenty of time. No need to do it this weekend when there's likely to be a rush.
What I saw today is hardly worth recording. I'll give it another hour tomorrow and see how we go.
Scrivens, did you really see 28 chaffinches at one time? That's amazing.

I didn't see a single sparrow this year which is rather worrying.
I am really cross. After trying to submit my bird count several times yesterday without success, I eventually managed to access the site this afternoon.

The whole process was incredibly slow. It took me well over half an hour to get to the end & then I could not submit my results without making a donation to the RSPB. As I am already a member and have recently renewed my subscription, I did not actually want to make a further donation today. However, as it had taken me so long to get as far as this, I reluctantly made a £10.00 donation (the lowest on offer) and then again pressed the button to submit the survey.

An error message showed up and I was told to try again later!

Later? I'm certainly not going to go through all this process again and I wait with interest to see if my £10.00 donation is taken from my credit card. If it isn't, I guess that the whole thing was a waste of time including the hour spent by my husband and myself in logging the birds we saw during the relevant hour yesterday.

I shall certainly think twice before bothering with the Birdwatch next year.

Has anyone else encountered all this prolonged difficulty in submitting a log?

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2014

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